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Adrianne Lenker - Real House lyrics

Do you remember running?
The purity of the air around
Braiding willow branches into a crown
That love is all I want

I'm a child humming
Into the clarity of black space
Where stars shine like tears on the night's face
Blue cool wind

Mama, what happened?
I never thought we'd go this long
Now thirty-one and I don’t feel strong
And your love is all I want

When I was seven
I saw the first film that made me scared
And I thought of this whole world ending
I thought of dying unprepared

We moved into a real house
A wild field behind it
I wanted to be an inventor
Collected scraps to make a portal
I wanted so much for magic to be real

So many dreams of flying
Rising high over the crowd
And they go “oh man, look at her go”
And I'd go

Do you remember
Coming to the hospital when I was fourteen?
My friends all left me there spinning
Dad was angry but you saw everything
And you made me laugh as the nurses undressed me
You held my hand as they put the needle in me

I never saw you cry
Not until our dog died
And the whole family came back together
We held her body as they put the needle in her
And then I saw you cry
And then I saw you cry






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