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Alain Paul - SIMH lyrics

shadows shadows shadows 
Shadows in my head 
shadows in my head
You plant them im open, 
emotions I bled shadows in my 
shadows in my head 

you did it, I’m open, 
emotions I bled with words that you 
shadows in my 
Shadows in my head, 
you plant them, I’m open 
Emotions that I bled with words that you said 


waste no time disagreeing with you
don’t need de coupe to be me and you
outside opinions don’t breach living rooms
but to each is your own when your home alone 
hot and cold with my yes and no’s 
cant overload got a mobile phone cant hold the tones
losing control 
a whole mode on tv episode…


fizz up fizz up 
forgive yourself let’s go 
Talk about home but there’s a way to Rome 
build it ourselves but it might take long (but I gotcha) 
Masterpiece, still believe in work of arts
Peace in the walk of the park got a smart heart 
but it gets stark when it gets dark gotta get Mark (3x) 


Daenerys, queen of the damned, 
scorching the seas and the winter wonderland, 
no where to be seeen, in a world so cold 
I rather be dead but the gods they want peace
kept me through the Netherlands, just to meet you, 
no she said we ain’t never met, 
what, it’s a shame, now I’m left 


shadows in my head
you did it I’m open 
shadows in my head
you plant them im open 
emotions I bled
with what words that you said said 
shadows in my 

bridge / chorus 

bandage the wings, let’s flock together (shadows in my) 
sail away, studio planes, yeah we, just, rock together
Shadows in my head, 
you did it, I’m open, 
emotions… with words that you said 

bridge / verse 

bandage the wings, let’s flock together
sail away, studio planes, yeah we rock together
don’t know the language to yours so let’s take a grand tour, 
to the house on the plains of your roots and discover the source, 
that makes you perfect and makes me whole, 
love to recover the roles in your soul that has the circle revolving all pure, 
rewind enough and do I say I need to say more, 
hahaha, I’m sure, if not, if not, 
release your wings let’s flock together 


A lil numb Novacane in the apartments now 
I’m tearing up high up rooftop got me ceiling thoughts 
I'm thinking bout fantasy like soarin to them 
is it fantasy 
I’m chasing when they say theres no need to rush, 
I’m trynna say the only thing that 
I’m need need needing bruh

(is you, you, you)  
now this is the part of the song
everythings feeling wrong
but we gon be alright, but we gon be all  




Alain Paul lyrics


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