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Hazel G - Now lyrics

figh these demons I'm trying to find a way out 
tired of questioning love what happened to us 
tell me do you love me now 
tell me so long just I love myself I was so proud 
handle me like a queen in the beginning say you let take my crown 
you got me questioning so many questions 
what was your motives I should have 
known it's so good to be true yeah I 
stuck by your side despite all the 
that you put me through wasn't 
my fault did I make you too comfortable 
quickly turn someone that I hardly knew 
some other guy he could do what you never do 
cuz see what's in fun of you 
you never change you see I'm with 
someone yeah I never me much you I never 
this too much from you can you just give 
me half of what I get to you 
you my but you just let it break even 
know it hurts let's go a separate ways 
no I don't want love if I know it's fake 
if I thought you were good for me I 
would have got away should have let go 
when I decided to stay should have let 
go let of you to let go 
you you to 
let of 
you of 
you yeah got to let go can't have a 
conversation no more what should I do 
what am I fighting for for you when I'm 
in need Mo I don't want to do that makes 
you feel like no two of the sides while 
why am I the only one to feel you and I 
we both have the same dream so why am I 
the only one who fall for us I don't 
want you back now you me up thiss 
now got your name it is time to get 
covered up any Double Cups to let pass 
out needed an hour did i' be a fool to 
forgive you wish I would have gave 
another door would have gave to you f up 
and gave you my heart but you just let 
it break even though it hurt let's go 
our separate ways no I don't want love 
if I know it's fake if I thought you 
were good for me I would have got away 
should have let go when I decided to 
stay should let go of you 

to you to 
let of 
you let 
go of you yeah got to let  




Hazel G lyrics


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