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Billie Eilish - THE DINER lyrics

Don't be afraid of me
I'm what you need

I saw you on the screens
I know we're meant to be
You're starring in my dreams
In magazines, you're looking right at me
I'm here around the clock
I'm waiting on your block
But please, don't call the cops
They'll make me stop, and I just wanna talk

Bet I could change your life
You could be my wife (wife, wife)
Could get into a fight
I'll say you're right and you'll kiss me goodnight

I waited on the corner till I saw the sitter leave
Was easy getting over when I landed on my feet
I came in through the kitchen looking for something to eat
I left a calling card so they would know that it was me

I tried to save you, but I failed
Two-fifty-thousand-dollar bail (two hundred fifty thousand dollars)
While I'm away, don't read my mail (don't read my mail)
Just bring a veil (just bring a veil)
And come visit me in jail (visit me in jail)

I'll go back to the diner
I'll write another letter (I'll write another letter)
I hope you'll read it this time (this time)
You better

The cops around the corner stopped me when I tried to leave
They told me I was crazy and they knocked me off my feet
They came in through the kitchen looking for something discrete
I left a calling card so that they would know that it was me

(Know that it was me)

I memorized your number, now I call you when I please
I tried to end it all, but now I'm back up on my feet
I saw you in the car with someone else and couldn't sleep
If something happens to him, you can bet that it was me

Three-one-oh, eight-oh-seven, three-nine-five-six
Three-one-oh, eight-oh-seven, three-nine-five-six





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