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Busta Rhymes - IF YOU DON’T KNOW NOW YOU KNOW PT. 2 feat. Big Tigger lyrics

[Verse: Busta Rhymes & Big Tigger]
Welcome to Rap City, it's your boy Big Tigger and I’m
Happy to introduce my guest, Mr. Busta Rhymes
It's Busta Bus, you know the god you trust, that masterful thinker?
Good to see you again, since we went viral at the Grammys killing
What’s happening? Everything good, how the hell have you been?
It's been a strong five years since we last checked in
Ayo, been strategically moving the chess pieces on the chess board
Yeah, you see me, the way that I been creeping on 'em, yes Lord (Nice)
You see it

Let's take a ride on the personal sidе
Where the good, bad, and ugly seem to always collidе
And you always seem to survive any cards you've been dealt
So tell me where you’re currently at with your physical health (Okay)
And while I always kill, it’s always someone that's tryna curse me
I gotta give thanks, I’m blessed, and, yes, I'm completely healthy

And I love when niggas talk and despise me, so I let 'em
See, the answer to show niggas better than you can tell 'em
You’ve had to deal with a lot of real-life drama
What do you say to those people that's just calling it karma?
I aingt gotta say shit to 'em, it's the balance of life
You gotta go through love and hell if you want it to turn out right
And despite the turbulence, if it's my karma to keep winning
I hope the karma continues 'til angel voices is singing to me
See, I embrace with open arms what karma's bringing to me
Hope y'all embrace these bombs in this movie
Thirty years plus since Bus grabbed the microphone

And now I understand you're back with Sylvia Rhone?
You're motherfucking right
See, me and the boss lady move tight
In my career, she's been the brightest light
Back in the day, it was tapes, wax, and CDs
Now it's TikTok, MP3s, and digital streams
A lot's changed since you first came in the frame
Wanna know your opinion on the state of the game
The state of the game is cool and I respect the evolution
But when it comes to business, it gotta be a better solution
Seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same
Explain what's going on with this big-ass chain

Ayo, see I don't buy jewels to stunt no more, call me mineral investor
I buy shit I can pass down like all of my ancestors
Big diamonds, big gold for the whole world to see
With an architectural design by TraxNYC, believe it
I'd ask to rock it, but I might fall
And by the way, how much of a ball was Live at Carnegie Hall?
Man, the shit was necessary and needed and so essential
The shit was legendary, historical, monumental
Black excellence suited, looking so godly, exceptional
Me, Mr. Lewis, and Scratchator looking professional
Price different than what it was before, please move the decimal

See Robert F. Smith and Earn Your Leisure was incredible
This year at the Grammy was one for the ages
Tell me why you always amaze us every time you on stages
Now, I appreciate the acknowledgement, let 'em read the articles
The thing me and my crew posses is called the god particle
I rock passion on that stage that make other niggas look horrible
The conquerors on stage like you doing the impossible
My nigga Spliff is Neo in the Matrix, I'm the oracle
When we step up on that stage, it becomes a problem that's unsolvable
It's a testament to the way you do things
And I gotta ask, how dope was is to be on tour with Wu-Tang?
Correction, I was on tour with Wu-Tang and Nas
The audience had a lot of gangsters and beautiful broads
Every night was a family reunion and gathering of gods
Fucked it up every show, every evening, I needed a massage, shit
Back to the stage with a microphone, peep hella gods spit
I'm celebrating, bring me a queen with some large tits
You, Scratchator, and Spliff put it down every night, and
If Spliff can't go, Big Tigger be the hypeman
No? Then tell me who's playing
This new album produced by Swizz Beats, Pharrell, and Timbaland
Correction again, this album is executive produced by the dragon, Pharrell and Timbaland and Swizz
Listen to this
I wrapped this present up proper, now I'm lifting a gift
The greatest minds came together so the culture will shift
We gave you something more potent for you niggas to sniff
'Til we delivered, you probably thought this shit was a myth
And disappears in smoke like it was steaming or piff
Dreaming that we was close friends like it was me and Spliff
Man, I can't wait 'til that new shit drop
'Specially the same year we celebrating fifty years of hip-hop
Plus you're an all-time great, we can agree
But tell me what you want your legacy to be
Well, everything about my whole genetic make-up been stamped
My legacy the greatest, intercontinental champ
I aingt talking 'bout you, Tigg, but if somebody wanna doubt it
Go tell 'em do they research, I don't need to talk about it
Okay, let's talk about the scene
When you got teary-eyed on BET getting your Lifetime Achievement
I'm saying true indeed, when I got the call, I couldn't believe it
All the sacrifices I had to go through just to receive it
Missing precious moments with my kids like the planets colliding
The lesser of the two evils so I could keep providing
Such a celebratory moment, everything was pleasant
My kids was with me in the room, so my legacy was present
Nice, it's almost time for us to break here
Before we go, is there anything else you wanna make clear?
Yeah, I wanna make it clear I hope y'all people honor it
Kiss this ring while you respect my conglomerate
God bless, I wish you the best, keep doing it bigger
And thanks for sitting down to kick it with your boy Big Tigger
Bus, you had an amazing career (Facts)
But if this track snaps, then we gotta run it back next year
And I'm sorry interview time is up and it gotta end
Next time we pull up on each other, we can do this shit again
And if you don't know, now you know
And if you don't know, now you know, nigga

[Outro: Big Tigger]
A-ra-ta, a-ra-ta-ta-ta, a-ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, hahahaha





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