Laylizzy – I Want It All

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1st Verse

A pouco tempo disseste que eu tava ket

Que o puto não tem respeito, abusa não saca kep

Que o puto só ta na via a procura do tal do cash

E agora que tenho dreads só buma na minha head

Eles pensam

E confundem adulto com um pivete

Business man Phelps with it

Splash, mergulho no cash

This the g code nigga and you aint getting a pass

You doubted me in the past

My nigga look at the stats

And it’s looking like young nino brown got the world up in his shoulders

it’s looking like young nino brown got that flow he be the coldest

I went through it with the family blood sweat tears up on the road

I got into it with my enemies I’m a goon came out victorious

All I do is win win

This that major pim pim

Homie não me tenta minha crew é litty

Got the blunts rolled we gon circle it it

258 takin over this bitch



I want it all

I want it all

We got it all

I want it all

I want it all

I want it all

I want it all

I want it all

We got it all

I want it all

We got it all

We got it all

I want it



Gastei um milhão no lex

Devia ter posto num duplex

Mas a casa tem piscina só mergulha quem tem cash

Vejo a gula nos teus olhos

Queres a mula queres os stacks

Mas não consegues te movimentar sem um ngamula no teu back

Pões a faca no meu neck

Faca no meu back

Se eu te deixo tu me picas nigga yousa fuckin rat

Cota disse desde puto cuidado com esses blacks

When they see the checks they switch the facts

Better get the strap

Agora que tou em cima

Storias dum young nigga algumas são sobre sativa

E a força divina

Got me good with the youth

Im the truth

Please don’t shoot

Here’s my heart please take care of it

I be losing it at the stu

I be fighting with my niggas

That I thought we was cool

But the truth is i love you

Even tho you act brand new

Facts baby, this is facts baby

My bank account need a gardner it’s full of grass baby

Fuck the rest baby


Outro – Dygo

Tas a ver I can feel the heat right now as we speak, you kna mean

Because after that it’s straight striking

So my nigga, you better talk that pain man talk that real

Know what im saying

Let them know how we came up in this bitch, nigga

Aint no sweet potato pies in this shit

Everything was laced up from the ground up

From the mud up, nigga

So it aint official if Deeboy aint got his voice up in that bitch nigga