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The Weeknd - All Day Love lyrics


You laying sexy, yeah
I make you want it now, yeah
I got it all for love
I wanna make you numb

You’re rather so beloved
You’ve got that all day love
You lookin good tonight
I’ve got that all day love

You lookin happy now
I’ll make you pick love
An’ if you wanna stay
I’ll make you cum real love

I mean it die for love, tonight
I make you want to love
In the whole world
Give me love
I wanna see you love

Baby girl, what you take me for
See where my money low
How you be girl your tune
Beefin’ bout you say

Tellin' me' bout your love
When I hold, you got back yourself
When I feel, you got back love
I wanna take you for now

I wanna be kissing you now
I’ve been in love by the same
Baby, we were to be live
If I
Are you fine?
All day love
All day
I wanna
Keep Faith

Yeah, baby

I don’t need
I’ve been, yeah
I've done enough
I take all what I make, yeah

Is it real
I wanna make you
I wanna take
I wanna take it

To go, to go, to go
Save me
Who are you to call my name?
I can’t love

Tell me babe you call my name
I wanna take you, now, before
I wanna take you, now, before
I wanna hold you, hold you
Hold you, before

I wanna leave you
I wanna take you







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