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Waxahatchee - Burns Out At Midnight lyrics

I got something to hold back
If I put up a fight, it'll follow me home
I think I might stay out dancing
If my blood runs cold with a heart of stone
And my fire burns out at midnight

I get home from working hard, honey
State the obvious and watch it work its way in
We been checked out, chasing the money
And I been trying to tell 'em it ain't no way to live

We go another round, I got nothing to say
It don't make a difference
Might be good on my own, but I ain't running away
I wanna chase it to the end
When I'm seeing a vision

If we take it way too far
I could stay here forever if I let myself
Picking dust off my bright star
If my heart of stone weighs on you heavy, babe
Just hit the lights and call it a night

I got reason to believe
This old house gave me revelation
I wasn't prepared to receive
And you been called upon for the duration
You're a wrangler keeping the pace
Hunting for open space

We might get tangled up, I got nothing to say
It don't make a difference
I might turn up the heat, it's getting late
And my fire burns out at midnight

My fire burns out at midnight




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