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Waxahatchee - Lone Star Lake lyrics

What do you say? You sleep all day
We drive out to the only lake in Kansas
Turkey wheat
My heart sinks in the orange and pink
And I call you by your last name
I'll kiss you like a fever-dream companion
Ancient history
We burned that story like the Bama heat
And in the drunkenness of free reign
I'm an outlaw in the court of strong opinions
You'll kill me
But my failure's legendary, babe

I get caught up in my thoughts
For lack of a better cause
My life's been mapped out to a T
But I'm always a little lost

You swerve to hit a dead deer
A girl like that would bore you to tears, baby
It's cosmic
A caustic buck knife slicing you
But I'll sit down at your table
I'll stand arm-in-arm with anyone who's able
To let me
Be the object of their misery
And I'll whistle like a songbird
And you'll parse my devotional words so carefully
My blood loss
Was such a weak performance after all

If I cannot tell a lie
We might be here all night
My heart's been strung up like a flag
Passively idolize

Shirk every rule of thumb
I got more where that came from
My expectations are a cinder block
I tote around like a hollow gun

What do you say? You sleep all day
Drive out to Lone Star Lake
What do you say? You sleep all day
Drive out to Lone Star Lake
Drive out to Lone Star Lake
We can drive out to Lone Star Lake




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